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Zrzut ekranu z 2016-04-12 12:23:44SPACE VJ MEETING – space for VJs, international meeting for new visual media artists. Our aim is to create space where we can share knowledge and friendship, promote visual, digital culture and artists. We strongly support the development of new technologies. During our few-day expo we will feature VJing, fulldome projections, live video, workshops, presentations and interactive installations. We will learn, teach, share, talk, create new connections and build crazy structures (for 3D mapping). SPACE VJ MEETING is a project by Jaroslaw Balabanski- VJ DIABLOS, organized by VJ DIABLOS & SAMSON VISUALS (Jaroslaw Balabanski & Bjorn Samson)+VAS, supported by artists, produced by VJs for other VJs.

A few-day expo with workshops and performances to promote new media art and artists.

Event created by VJs for VJs in order to shape the future for our most beloved artform.

SPACE VJ MEETING is a place where VJs from all over the world can gather and connect to eachother. Space where we can make visual experiments. Exploring new ways of perform.

The aim is to create a community where people can share there ideas and concepts with likeminded souls. By bundling this creative collaboration we can achieve an extraordinary experience to bring our artform to a higher level.

VJ DIABLOS and Bjorn Samson are organizing SPACE VJ MEETING 3 produced by VISUAL ART SPACE foundation, a four-day expo with workshops and performances  as part of the „SPACE VJ MEETING” series by VJ DIABLOS supported by VISUAL ART SPACE foundation.

VJ DIABLOS‘ idea was to prepare a small  party@small club with one VJ and one DJ, but Bjorn Samson (VJ Forum International, Dizzy&Woozy) offered help so this event is international, lets get started again!

First and second event (2012, march, sept.) took place in Olsztyn Planetarium in Poland and was a one of a kind events supported by VJs and other international partners. The Planetarium was filled up with projectors and soundsystems and VJs started to show up from all over the world and the party had started for a four day long experience with impressive artistic visuals and sound. Installations where quickly build and the local people appreciated the efforts made by the enthousiastic artists. Shortly after, this gathered the interest of the media and television and radio stations showed up and reported live about this unique and spontanious artistic action. As this proved to be a succes for the artists involved we proudly announce that the third event will be organised.

It was a huge succes for two editions, but this was only possible by the input of all the participating artist at SPACE VJ MEETING. It proved once again how inventive VJs are. Giving us only a few hours in the fulldome planetarium and no time for preparation at all, we succeeded to achieve a fully projected fulldome and quite some spectators. As obvious the third edition will need some improvements but afterall, we had some huge fun.

More about us: http://spacevjmeeting.net/media/




Thank you for support us! Join us!
We are waiting for you with VJ Heart!
We ♥ all of you !

Jaro & Bjorn


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