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VJ, director, producer, real-time av performer. Performances in Mexico, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria.

Visual scenery for festivals, events and shows artist. Producent of music video clips, promos, DVDs & advertisments.znany

Visual&Audiovisual performances in real time on every structures.

Film director and producer.

Independent audiovisual artist, music clips producer, new art indie film, video artist, editor, cameraman, photographer, manager…

2011- nominated 4 best short independent in 2Riversides FIlm Festival Award in Kazimierz, Janowiec

Winner of Grunwald Film Contest in Warmia – Masuria for the best film shooted in 600th. Anniversary

Artictic scholarship (film) from Mayor of Warmia-Masuria 2010 (Visuals from Grunwald -VFG- film, workshops, performance, dvd, shooting)

Diablos mixes still and motion graphics (own movies, photographs, illustrations, video footage, video art, music clips, animation, etc) in real time, onto a large screen at night clubs and various kinds of events.

Ever since childhood he has been fascinated with photography, has virtually kilometers of black and white films. Diablos worked in a radio for 7 years in the 1990s, where he hosted a programme called JAZZGOT popularizing jazz, hip-hop music and underground scene of music. He also spent 7 years working in Warsaw in marketing, publications and agency. Account, Marketing Manager. Starting from the year 1990 on an active participant of the club culture. Initially as a clubber and currently a V.J. Cooperating with a certain I.T. company (7 years Apple Evangelist)has lead to a fascination of graphical and movie-making hardware and software, as well as editing and v.j. software. Keen on making live visualisations. He uses his films and own computer graphics and processed pictures of vegetables and fruit, a result of a cooperation with a medical publisher for whom he made pictures of vegetables and fruit for over 2 years.

In real time shows from 2001. He started VJing with mixing own pictures of fruits. He debiuted as a V.J. on the 12th of June 2004 in the Warsaw club of Klubokawiarnia. Consequent performances in best capital clubs like: Klubokawiarnia, Piekarnia, Luzztra, Zoo… Additionally he processes own films to make them look weird using numerous effects and altered sequences”.



Sinarisama started as a VJ of the Suomi “Finland” Psychedelic trance rave team since April 2006. My features a technique to projection synesthesia aurora throughout the party space. I have finished activities as a VJ since February 2014. After that, main work is freelance visual artist and graphic designer. Currently I am a lifelong mission to build and teach VJ know- how. Therefore, I co-organized “Space VJ Meeting 3” this time.



Owner of VJLoops.com that specializes in content creation, management and distribution. Curator of over 66,000 media files and 725 artists from around the world. Avid timelapse artist creating and editing content for stock footage industry.

“At a very young age I was exposed to computers & technology through my father. He worked for a local newspaper in the 80’s and then for the local government in the 90’s as a security and telecommunications specialist. I find it hard to explain to people that they don’t know how good we have it today. Computers in the past were gigantic and would take up whole rooms just to perform simple tasks. Now we have the luxury of processing power, portability and affordability. Growing up I had the old Commodores, TRS-80 from Tandy and eventually our first Packard Bell PC.

In high school and college I always looked for creative outlets. I was the school yearbook photographer busy snapping away the ebb and flow of student life. It was a unique opportunity to find the beauty and detail of things often overlooked. In college I continued but focused more on newsworthy moments covering important college events. Photography was a passion and I didn’t realize how much it would be a part of my life today.

Everything leading up to today has helped shape my life in so many ways. Now I spend my days creating stock footage, managing several websites and blogs, as an editor/admin. I have my own CMS eCommerce site with custom coding to help me manage and sell my work as well as the work of over 475 artists that I curate and manage on a daily basis.

My love for new media and visual arts has given me the opportunity to travel and work in over 17 countries. I’m originally from Lockport, New York but I currently live in Valencia, Spain so I have no problems adapting to different environments and adjusting to local cultures and customs. I am always looking for unique opportunities to push my creative limits and collaborate with like minded people who are passionate about what they do and are not afraid to show it”.

Workshop: timelapse and hyperlapse technics.

Presentation: VJ Loops



Siegfried Kärcher is an Artist Extraordinaire and known for his creative approaches to Art and Music. 

After passsing the Test for the Highly Gifted he studied Free Arts.

He is a early member of the Computer Scene since Commodore Homecomputers appeared and infected with the Electronic Music Virus since his first dancing steps at Technoclub Dorian Gray Frankfurt Fame. 

Nowadays he hosts several underground events like 303 Day or Glitch it! Festival at Institute of New Media Frankfurt.

He performed with Artists like der dritte Raum or Anthony Rother at 33c3.

2017 he made Visuals for Mijk van Dijk at Playground Vienna and was  Tour Support for Kebu and Support for Pyrolator of DAF/Atatak/Der Plan among others.


Once a Year he celebrates the Siegfried Kärcher Kunsttage. It’s an  Art Festival in an unique old post-cold-war Station called Radom auf der Wasserkuppe near the former German/German Frontier.

Workshop Resolume and Ableton.



Satoshi Kanata
( CEO Mikudarihan Uppercut inc )
Satoshi Kanata is the only person in Japan making modules for the stage performance
software module8, as well as Vuo custom nodes. He also holds workshops for
MadMapper, modul8, and Vuo via the Projection Mapping Association of Japan
(PMAJ).He also boasts an illustrious VJ career, having toured all the principal clubs of
Japan, including ageHa, Womb, Unit, and more. In addition, Satoshi has headed visuals
for such mega-class festivals as Rock In Japan and Countdown Japan—which operate at
a scale of tens of thousands of people. He was also system administrator for the Tokyo
Motor Show. As for his international gigs, he has been to Korea and Taiwan.
Satoshi is also a creator of order-made modules for module8, visuals, and provides
technical assistance to university-level research projects.




VJ HAKAAKI started VJing from 2011. In video production he is involved in music video production of major label artists in Japan.

The software used is vvvv. Produce images and project in real time.


DJ YAMATO (Japan):

DJ YAMATO drops the vibes of the music parties he ever experienced around the world into Aoyama, Tokyo holding the party called ‘LIBERO’ and also holding ‘stained glass’ produces the stylish space with perfect music.
In 2016, he moved his parties to ChristnCafe in Shinjuku which has mysterious atmosphere.He was succesfull at organizing his own open air seaside event called Goonies in the summer of 2016.He has also received great feedback for his DJ appearances outside Japan this year as well such as in Goa and France’s largest Trance Festival called Hadra where he moved large audiences with his music.
He has appeared on Brazil ‘s Universo Paralello Festival in the 2017 countdown.He is based in Tokyo and plays at the major clubs such as WOMB,ageHa and Christn Cafe etc, coupled with his experience for playing at Mother, Ozora one day in Tokyo, IBOGA20, Dance on the planet, Solstice, Green Magic etc.His DJ style is mainly Psy Progressive-Trance mixed with the elements of tribal, techno, electro, deep, house, and minimal. The range of his music goes from dark to light, from deep to high power – his music turns into various expressions.He will rock the dance floor with the vibes of the overseas parties, lounges, music festivals and big clubs that he ever played for! SPACE VJ MEETING sets: from Techno BPM 126 to Trance BPM 138.

Tim Oberstätter- Tim Vis (Germany)

Tim Vis is a german VJ in Heidelberg. He knows SPACE VJ MEETING as well as VJ in 2012.
He is doing lots of technical stuff there but also has experience in several theater-, stage- and exhibition-projects. 
As a VJ Tim Vis played in small clubs as well as at bigger festivals creating his visuals as a kind of live 
performance with his preferred tool, the Textmachine3D. He likes videofeedbacks and he loves to use a little bit more 
hardware to play with when performing, such as videomixers, scalers, wireless cams or some kind of strange controllers.


VJ L’Aubaine:

L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) VJ, visual artist, graphic designer from Geneva, Switzerland based in
London, expressing herself in Vjing, mapping, AV narrative.

L’Aubaine started performing live visuals in 2005 while studying a master in Digital Arts in Barce-
lona. From her study she got interested in real-time performances and exploring different forms of narrative.
All elements she uses in her work are self-produced, mixing different techniques, analogue and digital, as hand-drawn animations, illustration, typography, photography, graphical elements and videos. Her creation have that handmade feel, imperfect, bold and very colourful.
Laurie crafted her unique style over the years by superimposing layers, interlinking shapes and
colours, mixing elements from different techniques in an unusual and elegant way.
Her VJ sets are evolving compositions, audio-reactive, created live and flowing with the crowd
and the music. Each set never look the same, she shares emotions, playfulness and she’s feels
like a painter and his canvas.
In her AV narrative or Live Cinema projects, she expresses socio/politics/psychological concerns
such as immigration, urbanisation and also travelling as a metaphor of an inner quest or as a
journey. She uses a similar visual language as her VJ set made of text, videos, animations looped
and layered. She usually works with an producer or musician for the audio side of her projects.
She collaborates with producers/musicians for live cinema, live visuals, music videos and graphic
design nowadays mainly with Basilar Records and previously Fernando Lagreca, E mc2
and Manintheattic.
L’Aubaine is since 2015, part of VJ London, organising monthly meet-up & showcase and bigger
events with a interactive installations and AV performances with artists based in the London area
and international.
L’Aubaine played in several festivals, events, club nights in Europe such as, Genius Loci Weimar,

le Zoo/Usine (Geneva), Off Signal Festival (Prague), LPM (Amsterdam, Rome, Eindhoven), Sham-
bala festival (UK), Blissfields festival (UK), Hackney Wicked (London), Knockan Stockan (Ireland),

Visual Brasil (Barcelona), Mostra Sonora i Visual (Barcelona).

Anastasiia Mikhno (Ukraine):

Ukrainian visual and conceptual artist. Works with video and photography. Shoots mostly in the portrait genre. Engaged in realization of art projects most of which are combined by social issues as the most interesting focus area for her in the modern art. She graduated from the State Engineering Academy with specialization “Computer Science”, Zaporozhe (Ukraine). Finished the television awareness training school at the national TV channel “Inter”, Kiev (Ukraine). Is an award winner of various Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals. In 2012 she received the scholarship of the Minister of Culture of Poland «Gaude Polonia». The scholarship was implemented under the curatorship of an artist prof. Isabella Gustovskaya at the Academy of Arts in Poznan (Poland).

VJ Reinish (Ukraine):

VJ Reinish is a visual artist, director, animator based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

She performs as a VJ and creates music videos, videopoetry, and 3D mapping.

VJ Reinish takes part in Ukrainian and international music and light festivals as well as competitions.

Some recent festivals and awards:

Kyiv Lights Festival 2017 – 2nd place in 3D MAPPING CONTEST
Kyiv Lights Festival 2017 – 2nd place in LIVE VJ MAPPING CONTEST
Lighting show contest at LVSdesign 2016 – 2nd place
Visual Brasil 15 Edición (2017)


VJ Tyrolean (Canada):

With an authentic overhead projector, VJ Tyrolean plays with the unexpected. The live performance reveals an enigmatic nature; a playful mix of fluidity and moving colors.
I started the analog screenings in 2014 with the musician Jordan Jack within Œillade. This project was meant to reach peuple. We played in the street and gave many creation activities for different groups of persons. Since 2016 I am doing theatre of objects and shadow theater for the urban tales of the Quebecer Alice Guericolas. The narrative form of the show gives way to an abstract design. These projects are intertwined with many live performances with bands and poets.
To the space VJ meeting I would like to perform and lets people experiment with the overhead projector.




Fulldome videos:

Yuichiro Murayama- VJ Astronomical (Japan):

  1. Energy ball
  2. Snow
  3. Yellow flash

VJ Chaotic (USA):

Ken Scott (VJ Chaitic) makes Music For The Eyes. His 40 year career as a software engineer has been guided by one thing: making art with computers. In 1978 he first visualized computer animated music videos, probably while listening to Pink Floyd and doing something illegal. At the time there was no software in existence to create his “visual music”, and only a $20M supercomputer could provide him with the horsepower needed, but he kept working on it anyway. That supercomputer now exists (the GPU), and so does the software – he wrote it himself in 2010. Since then he’s been making visual music almost daily. It’s what he was born to do. Lately he’s been making immersive visual music experiences for fulldome (planetariums), and is currently extending his software to create visual music in VR. Ken lives with his wife, two cats, and a bunch of computers in San Jose, California.

  1. Dance of the sugar plum fairy
  2. Also sprach Zarathustra
  3. Angulant
  4. Antigen
  5. Bedlam

Medusa (Mexico):

Medusa is a creative lab based in Mexico City, in the past few years we have been part of many local and international art festivals. We are a specialised multimedia art lab that creates powerful audiovisual shows and installations. We started our careers as Vj’s before becoming multimedia artists. We have not only collaborated in several musical production projects but also with dancers, directors, actors, performers, and other artists.
Length: 9:00 min.
Directed by: Ary Vincent Erenberg Lesur
Produced by: Medusa Lab
Original music: Naked Geometry

Videos about fulldome:

Pablo Montero:

Visual artist settle in Madrid. He’ve worked for seven years in the university, teaching visual communication. His main source of inspiration is Abstract Art and Visionary Art, from Oskar Fischinger to Android Jones. He do VJing around some discos of Madrid, among other projects for performing arts. To Highlight, a visual music performance for the National Chorus and Orquestra of Spain.
Lately he started to play with VR, getting hooked with Fulldome projections, participating as VJ in two festivals: 2016 Madrid Immersive Festival and 2016 Fulldome Biennale FDUK (Leicester, UK).
Hi presents in this movie a set of VJ loops for Fulldome projection, under the name ‘Torus Shaped Universe’, invites you to a psychedellic experience.



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