Edition II


Artists of second edition:




Jarosław Bałabański- VJ Diablos(Poland)


Visuals From Heaven




e-mail: lostdiablo@o2.pl

Creator, Organizer &GM of”Space VJ Meeting” with Bjorn Samson,

VJ, director, producer, real-time av performer.

Visual scenery for festivals, events and shows maker. Producent of music video clips, promos, DVDs & advertisments.

Visual&Audiovisual performances in real time on every structures.

Film director and producer.

Independent audiovisual artist, music clips producer, new art indie film, video artist, editor, cameraman, photographer, manager…

2011- nominated 4 best short independent in 2Riversides FIlm Festival Award in Kazimierz, Janowiec

Winner of Grunwald Film Contest in Warmia – Masuria for the best film shooted in 600th. Anniversary

Artictic scholarship (film) from Mayor of Warmia-Masuria 2010 (Visuals from Grunwald -VFG- film, workshops, performance, dvd, shooting)

2009-2010 Faxside Records (Spain)- music clips. Live performer from 2001. Apple Evangelist – 1996-2008. Radio dj&press journalist 1989-2000 Photograher – 1989-2008

Diablos mixes still and motion graphics (own movies, photographs, illustrations, video footage, video art, music clips, animation, etc) in real time, onto a large screen at night clubs and various kinds of events.

Ever since childhood he has been fascinated with photography, has virtually kilometers of black and white films. Diablos worked in a radio for 7 years in the 1990s, where he hosted a programme called JAZZGOT popularizing jazz, hip-hop music and underground scene of music. He also spent 7 years working in Warsaw in marketing, publications and agency. Account, Marketing Manager. Starting from the year 1990 on an active participant of the club culture. Initially as a clubber and currently a V.J. Cooperating with a certain I.T. company (7 years Apple Evangelist)has lead to a fascination of graphical and movie-making hardware and software, as well as editing and v.j. software. Keen on making live visualisations. He uses his films and own computer graphics and processed pictures of vegetables and fruit, a result of a cooperation with a medical publisher for whom he made pictures of vegetables and fruit for over 2 years.

In Real time shows from 2001. He started VJing with mixing own pictures. He debiuted as a V.J. on the 12th of June 2004 in the Warsaw club of Klubokawiarnia. Consequent performances in Klubo, Piekarnia, Luzztra, Zoo… Additionally he processes own films to make them look weird using numerous effects and altered sequences”.

As artist with loops and with videos on tower from 17 august 2012





Bjorn Samson (Belgium)



Visual Artist (also creator of VJ Forum International, Space VJ Meeting (with Jaroslaw Balabanski), Dizzy&Woozy Visuals, VideoLab, Cloud9 & co-founder of Forest Festival) performing Video Based Projection- Mapping & Video-Art live on electronic music events. In a constant evolving media scene Bjorn explores the new boundaries in the “VideoLab” to obtain a perfect integration between the projected videos and the music created by DJ’s or live performers. The 3D structures created by Bjorn put an extra focus on the artists and are an eye-catcher on every event.





CoGe Master Class:

vargasz (Hungary)


VJ, started VJing at age 16. “Tester” of CoGe. Vargasz has began to deal with art at the millennium. He was only a teenager when he won several prices in literature video-creating and fine-arts. Deákpoézis – National high school literary competition, ARC Video Competition – “Most original idea” price, 9th at the National high school competition and exhibition at the Atrs and Crafts Museum of Hungary. His open mind sucked all kind of arts. His early compositions were the soundtrack of the movie Alattomos szikra. After a several short movies as director/editor he turned to live video creating. The first multimedia performance was Crank, turn it and it starts. His studies continued with animation. During discovering the possibilities of moving images he became an animation lecturer in Hang-Szin-Ter Art school. This time he focused on realtime generative visuals combined with live-cinematic narratives. With his group 1oo%Paprika they produced celloBeatpulse, which was presented on many visual festivals around europe, like visualberlin, Vision’R, Live Performers Meeting, Freemote. The group is one of the award ones at Paint Up!- the first architectural mapping competition. Beside this projects he is one of the founder of VJCentrum a hungarian vj community. He made visuals at many gigs, festivals like Sziget, Hanna-Hanna, Gyar, Space Vj meeting, Fabrica Eurpa. He also creates installations to project on. Right now he studies Electronic music composing and media arts at University of Pecs Faculty of Arts, Institute for Media and Applied Arts. His ongoing projects are field-pulse, which is the essential of his generative visuals combined with the new musical knowledge he got from the uni. These audio-visual synthesises are pure abstract forms of art filled up with soulful emotions. The other one is 0neZer0Zer0P is a live-cinema venue plus a workshop. First time it came alive in Pecs at the Night of museums. The main concept is to create a live venue, probably mapped on building’s facade, where the visual artist use the material created on the previous days workshop. This way user generated media meets the possibilities of real-time editing capabilities of a vj.

He paricipated in the first edition of Space VJ Meeting, and we are also going to see him in September.

Project FieldPulse:

Have you ever had the feeling that the continuously floating information gets alive? Magnetic fields suck your energy. Electrostatic power steals your thoughts. Machines of our daily tasks made us their zombies slaves. The gigantic clockwork purrs. The good robots get more discount for fancy chips. Get the vibe, feel the electronics pulse of the kintetic-cyberfields.

30 min long performance

live generated audio and video





Koen de Nobele– Art Tec (Belgium)


In 2000 Art-tec started his education in video and film-art. Since then he has accomplished numerous assignments as cameraman and professional video producer. During the last years Art-tec has specialised himself in directing and stage management for exhibitions, multi camera-recordings,video clips,…

In 2003, Art-tec found a way to combine all three of his main interests: video,music and nightlife.

After a long search he discovered Vj’ing. Because of his travels Art-tec has a knowledge of many different cultures, which is noticeable in his visuals.

Art-Tec’s vj-sets are always interesting and fully adapted to the music.

He can handle any music genre, techno, acid, electro, psychedelic music, rock, post-rock, … but his favorite remains psychedelic trance and ambient. He likes colorfull visuals and animations.

He also does visuals for theatre and dance performances, at times combined with live camera footage.

Since last year he is really busy with video mapping combined with building constructions for his mappings and also video – installations.

Supporter at “Space VJ Meeting”. He participated in the first edition of Space VJ Meeting, and we are also going to see him in September.




Visual Society:

Yochee! (Germany)





Doing live- visuals since 2003 Yochee uses analogue and digital hardware to create stunning music-2-video synces visual performances.

His work ranges from live VJing, interactive Video Art and Cybernetics to an experimental use of DIY technology in Club Culture giving the possibility to reuse and combine different techniques for a sensual pleasing experience.

During school made lots of photoshoppings and video projects with friends. Building the analog “simplesizer” diy synthesizer.

Head of visual department at 7dex av- collective and VJ.

Editor of visual-society.com, magazine for a generation of visual addictives and digital natives.

Creator of interactive video instalations.

Supporter at “Space VJ Meeting”. He participated in the first edition of Space VJ Meeting, and we are also going to see him in September.








Murks- Jerry Jerome ( Germany )




VJ, producent, video artist, co-founder of av experimental festival Shiny Toys. Creates a neo- cubism form that by utilizing projection mapping becomes a pulsating biosphere for light, colors and sound. Blended together with the experimental soundscapes of Avyd, the motion pictures offer a perfect set to a journey through the universe. Producent of events. His clear and ongoing structures are closing the gap between the sound and the screen patterns that redefine the space itself.

Supporter at “Space VJ Meeting”. He participated in the first edition of Space VJ Meeting, and we are also going to see him in September.







 Pharaz Azimi (Tehran)






VJ, artysta wizualny urodzony w Tehranie. Zafascynowany fotografią, filmami i wideo artami. Poznali się z Imanem Deeperem w Tehranie i tam też zaczeli wspólnie tworzyć. Następnie wyjechali na studia do Niemiec, gdzie zaczeli razem występować.  Wraz z Imanem Deeperem  występują z setami audiowizualnymi, przesiąkniętymi industrialnymi klimatami początków sceny undergroundowej techno w Berlinie.





Iman Deeper (Tehran)


DJ, muzyk i producent urodzony w Tehranie. Obecnie występuje na słynnej podziemnej scenie berlińskiej pionierów techno. Zafascynowany głębokimi industrialnymi klimatami Berlina. Wraz z Pharazem Azimi, młodym artystą wizualnym z Teheranu, prezentują swoje występy, będące perfekcyjnie skoncentrowane na pasji do publiczności poprzez kreacje muzyki i wizualizacji. Autor muzyki do filmu promującego drugą edycję.



 Marcin Darmos + peronpierwszy (Poland)


Born in 1977. Graduated PJIIT – New Media Art in Warsaw. A long way from music to animation took me into crosswords of technique and art in shape of multimedia design with strong accent on MULTI. I am open to various forms of multimedia and interaction and also classic stop-motion animation. Currently I am involved in visual design of clips and live shows of 52UM band.

Project: this is simple illustrator/aftereffects animation loop cut and edited into one piece plus my own music 😀








ESSTRO9- Eztul (Mexico)


Eztul is ESSTRO9 (Eduardo Medina S., Visual Artist, audiovisual design ) FRCH (Fermín Martínez G., Sound artist, audiovisual design).

Audiovisual project based and originated in Mexico City composed by FRCH and Ess-tro9.

Based on improvisation with electronic and electroacoustic sounds, ranging from different genres like soundscape, experi-mental electronic, ambient, noise, dubstep, breakbeat and minimal, among others. Eztul focuses its work in experimental music, audiovi-sual, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.
Eztul work on improvisation and sound experimentation from various digital processes of visual and audio in real time. Eztul explore on interactivity and generative art with a focus on create spaces and immersive environments for specific sites, using multichannel audio and
video installations.

Audiovisual Concert

Duration 20-25min.

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA is an informatic term; it makes reference to an informatic error detection.

Is an audiovisual improvisation exploring the GLITCH /digital ERROR aesthetics where abstract landscapes are constructed using noise and digital error also produced by processed and intervened generative graphics in real time.
Eztul Proposes this piece as an evocation of the futuristic virtual landscape generated by the digital error in the system, causing a audiovisual environment inspired by the physical theory of error.


VJ Saw (Germany)







VJ Dogon (Mexico)

Master in Digital Arts by UPF, Barcelona,
producer and cultural manager. Resident and cultural
manager of Laboratorio Symbolon, Director of Circuito
Electrovisiones México-España; digital art and experimental
multimedia platform.

He creates multi colored screens of different content and art items by the means of photos, animations, samplers and field recordings.His work has been presented at mexican museums, such as Carrollo Gil, Ex Teresa Arte Actula, Centro Cultrual España de México, Laboratorio Arte Alameda , museo experimental ECO, Centro Multuimedia CENART and clubs like Pasaje América, La Prieda de la Iguana, Faena, Pasagüero, El Colmillo, Mansera Lauge, la Capilla, Dada X, Hotel Sereal among others. Additionally, the Project has had residency at Club Rioma (2006) and Club Shylo (2007-2008).

His visuals have been used for artists like Mad Professor, Claude Vostroke, Corvus Coraz, Vicente Lemeiux, Audio Fly, Reactable, Terry Lee and Dj Stryke, as well as events like Forwar Dub Festival [2002], Chroma 7 º festival de arte audiovisual [2005], Encuentro cuerpo y urbe [2006] , XXIII festival del Centro Histórico en la ciudad de México[2007], Therapy Sesions@Mexico [2007], LPM@Mexico[2008], Festival Asimtria V, Peru [2009], LPM@ Roma[2010], Festival Plug@Barcelona [2010], VJ Fest@Istambul [2010], Mutek.es@Barcelona [2011], VJ Fest@Istambul [2012].

Supporter of SPACE VJ MEETING second edition.



Saulo Pisa (Espain)

VJ and DJ.

Box of surprises, every session is a brand new one live created. So a rebel artist always full of energy has power enough to mix his best hits and create live samplers, rhythms, melodies and songs that give the music his own style, making any hit being his own hit. He has Tech-House style with spices of Minimal-Techno to give more strength to the best moments. Supporter of Space VJ Meeting second edition.

Supporter of SPACE VJ MEETING second edition.

“The Holy Trinity Project” (AV)







 VJ Wizz (UK)

VJ and Lighting Engineer based in Reading, UK.

VJ Wizz became all things visual a mere three years ago, becoming more and more taken with video she was introduced to vjing and has now been given a residency for a club in Reading playing most Friday nights. Working with jump up drum and bass, real time video and a love for heavy breaks VJ Wizz loves to murk the dance floor into visual oblivion.
Her visuals and live performances have been used for top artists such as Andy C, DJ Hype, Zinc, Friction, 2 Many Djs to name a few and most recently has featured at Glade festival for Vaudeville Rave.











Piggs In Space, (piggs in spa), Warsaw, Poland

Piggs In Space aka Piggs in Spa, (Poland)

He is a member of collectives Funfte Strasse and Monosyntetik. He was vjing for Funfte Strasse, Electrocapital, Monosyntetik, Liquid Sound System, AM Radio, Warsaw Electronic Festival and on “Wdechy” in 2010.

Inspired by The Future Sound of London, Keith Haring, MTV 90’, ZOO TV, Run Wrake, VIVA ZWEI 2step, Addictive TV, Optronica 2005, Pfadfinderei, Giraffentoast, Astigmatic festival in 2004, Warp Vision, Alien Workshop – Photosynthesis and Beastie Boys video.

He’s also djing, making electronic music and street art.








LIME ART GROUP – International Video Production Group.  New solutions for Media & Show.
Being present on the Ukrainian market since 2007 and since 2009 – 2010 also on the markets of Poland, Germany and Austria. LIME ART GROUP’s staff consists today of creative professionals who are used to do their utmost to achieve only the best results. The company is specialized in a broad spectrum of media, information and event entertaining services. Our main strong points are the complete solution and showcase the work of the organization video production, design and management of cultural events. The original development of exclusive performances and innovative video shows make us a leader for audio-visual technology and design on the market.
The team of LIME ART GROUP professionals is it’s greatest asset. Our extensive experience and our vision not only for ideas and their genesis, but also for the final realization make LIME ART GROUP a synonym of quality.


Alexander Kuiava- John Coffee (Austria)

Chief Executive Officer of  video production company LIME ART GROUP. Organizer of  international art festival UPfest, designer, performer and visual artist. Within 5 years of creative experimentation and hard works, Alexander Kuiava creates visual scenery for artists of pop and undergrounds fields and also making exluclusive content for the top DJs, producers and other TV companies & advertisements agencies. One of his best projects are video projections decorations show and videomappings showcase’s what he provided in whole world. More information: www.limeartgroup.com

He participated in the first edition of SPACE VJ MEETING, and we are also going to see him in September.


Sasza Zak (Poland)

DJ & Producer, Event – Director of LIME ART GROUP. More lightles, darknesssssssss  and very deeper sounds of best in Tech-House.

He participated in the first edition of SPACE VJ MEETING, and we are also going to see him in September.


Maria Kim (Russian, Korea)

Visual artist of international production company LIME ART GROUP.
Nothing happens by chance, there are miracles, She knows it. Our fleeting century – does not stand still. Every second, in different parts of the world to make new discoveries, to radically change our world with you, how to change it overnight, the Internet, cell phones, digital still and video camera.  In the near future will open a 3D video – a real 3D, you can contemplate in theaters, and luxurious world of the volumetric holograms of sterolights …To consciously prepared to enter into this, the new world that is around the corner, follow the white rabbit in the wonderful country of multimedia – a country of pixels, gigabytes, and fantastic special effects. In this country all your desires – will become a reality. And back.You will want more and more to do, to create unique works that reveal your inner strong potential.










VJ FkS (Poland/Bulgaria)

VJ. He participated in the first edition of Space VJ Meeting, and we are also going to see him in September with audio reactive visuals – “geometrik”






Wojtek Łuczyński- Neonbreaker (Poland)

Neonbreaker. Katowice, Silesia. Vj, video artist, live performer (1/2 of JANE FONDUE). Dark side in visual matter, break’s beats and rules while making music. First edidtion participant, coming back in september.






VJ Harper

 VJ, video artist based in greater London. Creating, producing and mixing cutting-edge visuals to enhance the atmosphere of a club night is just where it starts. Through the study of lighting and sound design Harper developed a passion for digital media and specifically, live video performance and instillation. It was there, at University, VJ Harper was spotted and recruited by SDNA (www.sdna.tv) , renowned creative media and video design artists to join the Roundhouse Visual Collective, at the Roundhouse in Camden London 2009. It was here where her creative ambition was developed, tested and soon excelled into a raw need to create and mix video on screens for all to see. Under the RHVC, VJ Harper worked with the Le Beque Sisters- world classical pianist duo in January 2010.

Soon the opportunity to perform live visuals at Glastonbury June 2010 arose. The collective took over the London Underground venue on Block9’s late night field, with Annie Mac headlining.  Soon after, VJ Harper played a set for the Lazy Land stage at the Big Chill festival. And to complete the busy summer, the Roundhouse produced Turning Point festival, an in-house, 3 day event which the collective produced and performed for, headlining were Mistajam, Professor Green and Ms Dynamite. 2011 Saw VJ Harper’s solo career take off at Looking Sound (www.lookingsound.com) in Finsbury Park. Boosting A/V collaborations and generating future warehouse visuals in the multi-screen, east London venue Looking Sound now invite Harper to guest VJ at this event.

Currently holding a residency at Rumpus (www.rumpusparty.co.uk), VJ Harper brings the cinema room to life with deep, glitchy, audio responsive A/V sets, which is just one of the wonders of the 7 room venue known as Islington Metal Works, London. Now breaking the Electro-swing circle, Harper accommodates circus, burlesque, dance, vaudeville themes and speakeasy acts with authentic early 20th century film footage, blended with eclectic visuals that she delivers with her own, mixing style, a style that she is fast becoming recognised for. In fact, it was VJ Harper’s live mixes that got her the spot Vjing at KOKO in Camden for Club NME. Video mash-ups, instinctive, unplanned mixes, custom visuals and promotion videos for clubs, promoters DJs and producers are the activities she delves into when not pumping out visuals at live events.
Reggae Mix (Live at Looking sound) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjwVHEHY97s
Dubstep mixes:








Derubare – Radosław Deruba  (Poland)

Visual artist from Gdansk /Poland/ – VJ,editor,director.

The core of his works is audio/video relation in the view of sound as a integral part (quality) of matter. To present this interdependence, derubare uses experimental methods of “video percolation” combined  with animations which often refers to cyberpunk style. Derubare mainly collaborates with post-punk, electronic, experimental and avantgarde musicians.








 Tomasz Rybok aka Fisz (Poland)

VJ, photographer.

Come from Mikołów. More photographer and visual than vj , videofan, likes ambient, IDM and rock. The owner of a VCR and nice tape collection. He began the adventure of foto when bought the Zenit at the centralmarket. Visable in  co-lab Project’s: Silens and a a/v series of meetings TrippleClash, where he presentinig “image”. Postindustrial and nature, people and strange situations mix with the drive by train and hałdowymi tripeksami, are the main themes in his materials.






CampAttack Visuals


After producing and manipulating graphics for years, CampAttack turned pro in 2003. The work of this Rotterdam based visual artist is highly distinguishable as he never uses any material he didn’t produce entirely by himself. Apart from that his usage of colours could easily be called extreme. Imagery is not narrowed down by a few styles, but varies from stopmotion films to 3D animation, fractals and self written scripting and own produced filters.

From the dancefloor this VJ is usually spotted dancing behind his equipment, translating music into visual art. He adapts his work to atmosphere, rhythm and style of music.

Since 2003 CampAttack has become an institute in the world of goa parties as well as in the progressive scene. One of his more recent projects involves static robots, built from scrap. By making countless stop-motion films, these bots became the star in their own story “War of the Robots”. Nowadays they often accompany CampAttack on his travels through Europe, where they make their appearance on the major festivals

First presentation of new video(in 1080 only on SPACE VJ MEETING)

Chaotic- Ken Scott (USA) – (films)










VJ, video maker, fulldome videos maker.

Fulldome:  Dancing with Kadafi (Infected Mushroom)
Fulldome:  Aquarium, by Camille Saint-Saens
Fulldome:  “Reaktion” by Carbon Based Lifeforms
Fulldome:  Brandenburg Concerto #4 (Allegro) by J.S. Bach
Fulldome:  “Cobalt” by H.U.V.A. Network



 VJ Patt(Poland)

Vj Patt started his advanture with vjing in 2003 in legendary Eskulap club in Poznań where he had continued to perform with various Djs for many years. Since that time he showed his works at many Polish venues and festivals, among them : Audioriver, Vivisesja, Made in Poznań, Creamfields, Electric Mind Festival. He also organised one of the first visual festival in Poland: Visual Connection in 2005 and 2006.
Vj Patt also created a website dovoted to vjs and vj culture- vj.info.pl






 M.U.N music universal nation (PL)



Przemek Jerzy Tołuć – electronic stuff, guitar, sampler

Darek ‘’struna’’Żak – Visualization, guitar, dubsystem
For several years, MUN creates multimedia productions. Trance music is characterized by the formation of flavors maintained in the styles of dub, ambient, industrial.
Projections made by the formation of a multitude of video techniques connected in a trance-like visuals tuned with live music. There are openings for painting and photography making music corresponding to the degree by exhibited works.



 Krzysztof Syruć “Roem/Proembrion” (Poland)

Krzysztof Syruć – Roem / Proembrion
Born in 1984. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Gdansk. Abstract graffiti and street-art painter, creator of parametric graphics, drawings, spatial installations and animation. Inspired by nature and mathematics. He is currently working on ideas for using Augmented Reality technology.

Member of:
SPECTRUM / CITY2CITY / TELE – Street art / graffiti / mural;
HEXANOISE – postgraffiti;
NONE / CENTRALA – architecture

‘Blurve Algorithm’

‘Blurve’ is an algorithm that I use to receive animated transformations of 1-bit image composition. Animation is to present the short spectrum of its possibilities

 Tim Oberstätter- Tim Vis (Germany)

Tim Vis is a german VJ in Heidelberg. As one of the organisers of the B-Seite VJ-Festival in Mannheim Germany he is doing lots of technical stuff there but also has experience in several theater-, stage- and exhibition-projects. As a VJ Tim Vis played in small clubs as well as at bigger festivals creating his visuals as a kind of live performance with his preferred tool, the Textmachine3D. He likes videofeedbacks and he loves to use a little bit more hardware to play with when performing, such as videomixers, scalers, wireless cams or some kind of strange controllers.



 Zorka (Poland)

Zorka – amateur DJ and a true disciple of the analog sound. His impressive collection of vinyl records surprises in its richness and taste. He resembles absolutely no one. Born and raised in Mikołów, hometown of poet Rafał Wojaczek whose spiritual presence might have influenced his half-romantic half-destructive personality. His career began in Fraktal Club (Mikołów) in 2003. Since then he performed all around Silesia contributing to Trippleclasch, Nocny Rejs, Poly”nizza festival, plener festival and most recently Yaff festival. As a drummer he contributed to S/N (Sound and Noise) album published in June 2012. Personally, he doesnt believe in categorizations  in music, he  follows his heart, playing to the rhythm of his audience. Only Zorka is brave enough to combine minimal music with hardcore punk and still get people dancing to it.  With him working the decks and Fish on lights you are sure to live through something unforgettable – a journey into unknown with its final destination at MINIMAL DANCE.


 VJ SLIDE- Konrad Dembek (Poland)



back to vj-ing after 7 years.Special likes kind of electronic music: techno/ambiente/hard house/deep house music




TashTec: Koen de Nobele + Anastasia Dumarey  (Belgium)

Audio visual artists

Tashtec : live visuals and videomapping

Tasha & Art-Tec = Tashtec!

We bring u kick ass all unique visual experiences!

Tasha/Anastasia Dumarey:

Anastasia was introduced to the concept of Vj’ing in 2008 by Vj JokJok (Stijn Deprez) who taught her how to use OTZT and got her started. Together they created all red, black and white visual imagery.
Everything appearing on screen had to be infected by her signature overly crowded drawing style.
All walls, costumes, props where carefully selected, pimped or drawn on to fit the right mood.
Between 2008 & 2010 she spread her artistic vision and visuals in the london area as VA London.
Due to Olympic development she based herself back in Belgium from April 2010, where she met Art-tec who enlightened her with new technical knowledge.

To her vj’ing creates the opportunity to express herself in an easy and direct way to a broad audience. She lets the music (or even absence of it) guide her through her massive data base of home made visuals, and works up a touching strong combination of visual expressions transiting eternally.
Although she has the ability to adapt to any kind of music style or soundscape, her Vj-sets usually tend to a dark or mysterious vibe. When darkness or mystery is best avoided (very upbeat music) she turns the video mix into something manic, psychotic and funny.

As a Vj she makes a point of only using home made footage. She is always on the lookout for the next great setting such as abandoned factories/boats, impressive castles, idillic views, grim alleyways,… or extravagant outfit to use and get inspired by for future video shootings. The creation of the perfect visual, the perfect composition, setting and expression is as important to her as performing a smooth live set. Her passion both in making and mixing her visuals/vision is what makes Anastasia a very talented and dedicated Vj.

Art-tec/Koen De Nobele:

In 2000 Art-tec started his education in video and film-art. Since then he has accomplished numerous assignments as cameraman and professional video producer. During the last years Art-tec has specialised himself in directing and stage management for exhibitions, multi camera-recordings,video clips,…

In 2003, Art-tec found a way to combine all three of his main interests: video,music and nightlife.
After a long search he discovered Vj’ing. Because of his travels Art-tec has a knowledge of many different cultures, which is noticeable in his visuals.

Art-Tec’s vj-sets are always interesting and fully adapted to the music.
He can handle any music genre, techno, acid, electro, psychedelic music, rock, post-rock, … but his favorite remains psychedelic trance and ambient. He likes colorfull visuals and animations.
He also does visuals for theatre and dance performances, at times combined with live camera footage.
Since last year he is really busy with video mapping combined with building constructions for his mappings and also video – installations.

Tashtec merges multiple art-forms into an unforgettable experience!






 Metasha : Metamorphish and VJ TASHA (Belgium)




bloom : Tim de wulf and VJ ART-TEC (Belgium)







Dariusz Skarżyński – eeo (Poland)

camera operator and VJ.

Entered the stage in 2010 as “vj wodecky”, made many people happy and high with his stage works. With project “eeo” creating also video installations and simple mappings. He’s catching footage for internet and tv projects. Always searching for some disturbing content. 










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