Edition I

Program of first edition:

+ festival office and place of the workshop is open daily from 11 to 20, free internet and computers, information (sat from 10-16)


open th/fr/sat/su – 10am-7pm

+ all time workshops & performances of all artists with:
“Avyd and Murks”
“Jane Fondue”
“Yochee! triplehead bubbles”

VJ Diablos‘ loops

podaj kabel

“midify, dont mystify!” the Workshop by Devon Miles explores advanced ways of utilizing midi to control visuals using the ipad and the modular midi processing software Building Blocks.

13-14 press conference
14-19 all VJs map everything

13-14 Pan Tadeusz
14-15 Neonbreaker, Ana Zen
15-19 Avyd

11-13 vj luper: vvvv videomapping workshop
13-14 “Jane Fondue” (neonbreaker, ana zen)
14-15 videomapping and live visuals workhop by koen de nobele
14-19 all VJs map everything+expo
14-19 Pioneer DVM 1000 av-mixstation (free session)

13-14 Neonbreaker, Ana Zen
14-16 MacDict
16-17 Avyd
17-19 Iman Deeper

saturday – sobota:
10-16 live on air, radio olsztyn
11-14 vj luper: vvvv workshop
14-15 “Jane Fondue” (neonbreaker, ana zen)
14-16 workshop – warsztaty: CoGe
17-18 workshop – warsztaty resolume + controllers by fks + performances: e-visual berlin av with dj iman deeper
18-19 new york by kyle lyons

13-14 Neonbreaker, Ana Zen
14-15 MacDict
17-19 Iman Deeper

11-14 vj luper: vvvv workshop
14-15 kyle lyons (vj loops): creating content for profit
15-16 bjorn samson: ipad4vjing presentation

+ Djs – friday, saturday, sunday :
13-14 Jane Fondue (neonbreaker, ana zen)
14-16 MacDict (Belgium – Belgia)
16-19 iman deeper



preparing (only for artists) from 3-5pm

+ performance:
17.00-17.15 Roman Heller – fulldome av set
17.15-18.30 All VJs on screen in the same time (+extra VJs+fulldome)
18.30-19.00 CoGe MasterClass AV Performance by Vargasz (tripple2go)

+ with music live from laptops:
17.15-17.30 music set by Odaibe
17.30-18.00 live music set by Avyd
18.00-18.30 Iman Deeper


sunday from 4-7pm

+ VJs: luper, faraz, yochee, jan ehlen, kimberley bianca, neonbreaker, ana zen

+ DJs from laptops and ipad:
16-17 Jane Fondue (neonbreaker, ana zen)
17-18 MacDict (Belgium – Belgia)
18-19 iman deeper+devon miles (ipad)+avyd live set


Grawitacja Club:
friday, saturday at night

+ all VJs in the same time

+ performances
Azured Vault (sat/so) 1-1.30
kimberley bianca+iman deeper
Sasza Zak+John Coffee (fr/piątek 21-22)
Neonbreaker, Ana Zen (so/sat 22-23)

+ music performance:
Systu (so/sat 21-22)

+ DJs (fr/sat – pt/so ):
MacDict (Belgia)
Iman Deeper (Iran)
Odaibe (friday/piątek 02-02.45)
Avyd-Media Fire


Planeta 11, Multimedia Library

th/fr: 6-8pm

MadMapper i Modul 8. Bjorn Samson (Belgium)

videomapping 3D from zero, building constructions, creating


Planetarium, Hall, ground floor- all day workshop


Planetarium, conference room, ground floor


VJs Together Talking, workshop, presentations



Kyle Lyons (USA)-Creating Content For Profit



VJ Fks (Pl/Bul)



Iman Deeper (Tehran)
How to make promo

VJ FKS i Bjorn Samson (Pol/Bul, Belgium)


iPad Presentation

Bjorn Samson (Belgium)- iPad for VJing
CoGe Workshop

sat. 3-5pm
Tamas Nagy & Vargasz (Hungary)


 VVVV Workshop

fr/sat/sun: 11am.-1pm

VJ Luper (Sicily):

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