Third Edition:

Confirmed Locations:


    Aleja marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 38

  2. Tower (Astronomy Observatory):

    Żołnierska 13, 11-041

    Almost confirmed locations:

  3. Club in downtown in old city (mapping of old buildings)
  4. Club in Kortowo (for students)



In Poland we have very cheep bus line: should book tickets few weeks before!)


Airports in Poland:

very  new since 2015 is airport in SZYMANY, its ca 25 km from Olsztyn.


From Szymany to Olsztyn more info soon.


From Modlin (near Warsaw) to Warsaw:

(bus from Modlin to Warsaw= ca 3euro.


From Warsaw to Olsztyn:

Step 1. Airport-Warsaw, code WAW, Chopin Airport.
From Chopin Airport you take bus no. 175 to the down town.

Step 2. You get off the bus no. 175 on Dw. Centralny (Central Train Station) bus stop (

Step3. You have to walk to a square in front of the Palace Of culture and Science on iths north side (can’t miss the building –,_Warsaw )

Step 4. You have to roughly arrive here:…lska&t=h&fll=52.22801,21.

Step 5. You are looking for a bus to Olsztyn (pronunced „All-Shtin”). There are 4 bus companies that will get you there: „Transwal”, „Radex”, „Pok-Tourist”, „Inter-Trans”. You pay ca e7 in bus. THis time RADEX will not starts from DWORZEC CENTRALNY. If you want use RADEX from Warsaw to Olsztyn ( ) you should use metro to MARYMONT:


8.20am (Bus Service ph:+48- 664379672)
12.20pm (+48-664380525)
3.40pm (+48-602410093)
4.30pm (+48-664380573)
6.30pm (+48-662091610)
8.00pm (+48-664376164)


11.40pm (+48-502578064)
2.10pm (+48-502578065)
3.10pm (+48-512279996)
5.40pm (+48-512279995)
9.10pm (+48-515147257)




(Call Bus Service or VJ Diablos (+48-791530167) – we will make a reservation for you. Or you can try without reservation.
(You generally have to be around 15 minutes before the departure, otherwise they will sell your seat to someone else).

Step 6. You travel for 3 hours to the North of Poland.

Step 7. You arrive at Olsztyn.
You get off the bus at the last stop in Olsztyn near hotel Gromada (Train Station)

Check out Step 2.
Trains from Warsaw – Olsztyn (+-e10-15) not good idea but:

Last stop: Olsztyn Dworzec Główny


From Gdańsk to Olsztyn:

from airport to down town take bus 210 (but be shure with destination Gdansk Centrum- Dworzec
Dworzec Główny this is railstation. Take train to Olsztyn:
Trains: Gdańsk Glówny-Olsztyn Główny

3.35pm (3hours long travel):


5.05 a.m:


From Kraków to Warsaw:

cheep 5 euro buses:


You are in Olsztyn (Welcome!)
How2get planetarium?

It’s quite simple. You get out from the bus from Warsaw at final station in Olsztyn near the „Gromada” hotel and go right to railstation direction (it’ s only 30 seconds from this hotel).
You must cross the road and patiently wait for bus 20. You take a bus number 20 and get off the bus at 4th stop. That’s all.
Ticket for bus ca 0.70 e. Busdriver sells them.
You can call taxi for ca e3: ph.: +48605979919

Or call VJ Diablos: +48-791530167

Or u can walk directly and u can find planetarium on left.

You can buy new cell number in polish provider PLAY, for ca 1 e in each kiosk or shop.

Bus 20 (buses) -destination: Dworzec-Pieczewo




First edition:



BWA- Art Gallery

Planeta 11 – Multimedia Library

Accomodation for 1st edition- Hostel Relaks

Grawitacja Club

Second Edition:


ks. Wacława Osińskiego 12/13


Aleja marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 38

Tower (Astronomy Observatory):

Żołnierska 13, 11-04

Klub Grawitacja:‎

Żołnierska 14 B


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