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Unfortunately, work on the 3rd edition has extended to 3 years and continues up till now.

While I was sitting alone in Olsztyn, talking to VJs via the Internet, or when I attended Live Performers Meeting, among others, my biggest dream was to arrange such a meeting myself inside Olsztyn’s planetarium, which I have visited numerous times since it was built. I suggested that idea to Bjorn Samson. First, I wanted to make a party for VJ and DJ in a place other than the planetarium, but Bjorn offered to help and so SPACE VJ MEETING came to life.

In 2012, during its 2 editions it attracted 72 artists from 15 countries. These two editions were possible thanks to hard work of everyone involved, especially VJs and friends of the foundation.

It was hard to arrange such a meeting at the planetarium, because it is a government facility and it is difficult to cooperate with. I was not taken seriously, because the issues I talked about seemed vague and abstract. The officials promised a hostel for artists and when it came down to it, they informed us they had no funds. At that time we had already booked 20 artists with more to come.

I visited the City Hall every day and after 2 months they organised a hostel to meet our needs and told me not to come for the next 3 months. After the second edition the press wrote that there had been nothing going on on Friday night as there had been no lights visible outside. However, it was the time of interactive presentations which were supposed to take place in the dark, therefore, when the marshal read that nothing had happened on Friday evening, the cooperation became hindered again and the struggle began anew.

As usual, people in the Department of promotion in the City Hall get heart palpitations as they see me, because I can come every day for several months, always being polite, although sometimes a bit too talkative, putting forward arguments such as A is A and B is B, but for them A suddenly becomes B, so the struggle continues.

Establishment of the foundation was supposed to help us organise SPACE VJ MEETING, but it got extremely difficult; numerous promises made by the city hall led to nothing, caused us to set the initial date for the next SPACE VJ MEETING in October 2015. However, the City hall once again informed us they could not fulfil the promise they had made during the meeting at the planetarium with me, Bjorn, director of the planetarium itself and the director of promotion of the City Hall. In this situation our foundation filed 8 applications for grants from Poland and from Olsztyn.

We have not managed to receive any grant yet, even though the ministry of culture gave us 63 out of 70 possible points. I am still struggling to find sponsors and assistance, but it is a hard task. I don’t give up because my VJ friends tell me not to. I listen to them because they have never let me down. I am not discouraged by setbacks and I am looking for a private sponsor, filling in application forms, I constantly attend various meetings, develop the foundation and maybe someday we will win a contest.

We can’t afford to organise the next event investing our private funds, time, health, work while promoting the region and the city of Olsztyn at the same time. It is worth noting that our event was mentioned in Newsweek and TV broadcast on TVP 2, so the whole country got the news about our SPACE VJ MEETING and as far as I know the news also circulated abroad. We are not able to organise the next edition if we can’t afford to provide our guests with any form of accommodation. Fortunately, many of our friends have become partners to the foundation, so I am not alone in this endeavour.

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For the third time Jaroslaw Balabanski and Bjorn Samson are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances  as part of the „SPACE VJ MEETING” series by VJ DIABLOS. Third edition of SPACE VJ MEETING by  VISUAL ART SPACE foundation.

Confirmed date: ?

Are you ready to show your Skills in an amazing Location?

Confirmed Locations for third edition (4-7 days):

Planetarium 4k/4days in Olsztyn, Poland

1. Planetarium dome 360 & fulldome 4k (6hrs./day): th., fr., sat., sun.:

a) Fulldome videos- do fulldome video and we will put video to their computer! Send us via dropbox, google drive, etc…  or bring. For presentations, contest, etc… (no live input, videos: 4096 × 4096, mpeg-4, 25fps, wav). Video with sound or only video. Fulldome Video Contest-  th., fr., sat., sun., first prize is BLENDY DOME VJ licence, project: 1- 90 min.

b) AV Performances-  th., fr., sat., sun, project: 15- 90 min.

c) All VJs in the same time on 1 screen (360degrees dome with alot of projectors)- sat., VJing, DJing , live music, VJ Battle Contest, project: 30- 90 min.

d) Fulldome and All VJs in the same time on 1 screen- sat., project: 30- 90 min.

e) Fulldome workshop & presentations- th., fr., sat., sun., project: 5-90 min.

2. Planetarium Ground Floor Conference Room- th., fr., sat., sun.: free Wi-Fi, Press conference (all artists welcome!), workshop zone, building instalations and crazy ideas, presentations, skype conferences, streaming, talking, sharing, video contest (first prize is CoGe licence), mapping, instalations, interactive instalations, lessons for children and students, VJing from zero to hero lessons, VISUAL ART SPACE LIBRARY, project: 15- 90 min.

3. Planetarium Ground Floor Public Hall:  th., fr., sat., sun.:   free Wi-Fi, instalations, videos only, build your structure, projecting on walls, mapping, creation zone, interactive instalations, VJing, project: 15min.- 10 hours

4.  Club-almost confirmed (1st club in Kortowo-for students, 2nd club in downtown in old town with map the old buildings): sat., AV Performances, All VJs map club, DJs set—put your project, 1 project=30min., talking, sharing, party, crazy boxes, project: 30- 300 min.

5. Art Gallery Big Room-almost confirmed

Projectors: fulldome 4k, 1×12.000, 5×10.000, 3×6.500, 6×5.000, 2×4.000 and alot of 3.000. For the first edition it was more than 40 projectors in the same time on dome.


1. Free RedBull for all artists for 4 days.

2. All artists play and do workshops for free and pay for travel  from their own pocket (however, we can send you invitation letter).

3. Free accomodation in hostel (we can book for your friends hostel for9euro/1night in 3persons room).

4. We will confirm your participation & accomodation by sending you email with confirmation.

5. Workshop for free for artists.

6. All artists can share for free one of piece of their work. Their video will be part of the Free International Digital Library we are going to create.


Foundation VISUAL ART SPACE is looking for grants, sponsors, donations. Thank you!

Contact us:

ph.: +48-791530167

Please send profile picture on e-mail.


 Click for location:

Thank you for support us! Join us!
We are waiting for you with VJ Heart!
We ♥ all of you !

More info soon.

spacevjmeeting team

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