Zrzut ekranu z 2016-03-26 18:11:12Thank all of you for support. We love you!

“VISUAL ART SPACE” foundation founded in 2014, oct. 7  by Jaroslaw Balabanski (VJ DIABLOS) to support SPACE VJ MEETING (spacevjmeeting.net) and other projects, artists, children, in order to learn new technologies, sharing knowledge.
“VISUAL ART SPACE” is the main Producer of SPACE VJ MEETING.

“VISUAL ART SPACE” promotes culture and multi media artists, who are involved in all aspects of audio visual art mainly visual artists and Vjs. The activity aimed on spreading culture, arts and new technologies.


The statutory purposes of foundation are:
– spreading a culture including the digital one and the development of new technologies,
– the promotion of new visual arts, new technologies and artists,
– the spreading and inculcation of new media and technologies,
– teaching of new technologies especially to children with mental and physical difficulties,
– the providing of assistance for artists and children,
– the creation of a digital library for Polish and foreign achivements in the fields of new technology art and
– supporting the development of new technologies.



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