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MIEJSCE 1. Kornel Wasilewski (11 lat) z Jezioran za dwukrotny VJing (w tym 1 przed publicznością) wraz z przygotowaniem projektu otrzymuje 1 licencję na program do VJingu “Resolume Avenue“, od “Resolume”!


MIEJSCE 2. Mateusz Krzywkowski z SP4 Działdowo za VJing w klasie z przygotowaniem wielowarstwowego projektu otrzymuje 1 licencję na program do VJingu “CoGe“, od “Imimot Software“!


MIEJSCE 3. Kacper Aurast z SP4 Działdowo za VJing w klasie wraz z przygotowaniem wielowarstwowego projektu ruchomego zegara otrzymuje 1 licencja na program do VJingu “AVmixer Pro” i “AVmixer Lite“, od “NEUROMIXER"!

Zwycięzcom serdecznie gratulujemy!
Prosimy o kontakt na email: vas@spacevjmeeting.net
Dodatkowo wszystkie dzieci z grupy w Działdowie otrzymują po 1 DVD z loopami do VJingu. DVD wyślemy wkrótce.
Miłego VJingu!

język polski: http://spacevjmeeting.net/vas-3/projects-2/nowe-sztuki-wizualne/?lang=pl


 Zapraszamy na pokonkursową wystawę kolorowych rysunków dzieci na temat: Narysuj VJa w pracy. Siedziba Fundacji- Planetarium w Olsztynie. Wystawa od czwartku do niedzieli włącznie.


W piątek 30go września ogłoszenie wyników konkursu.

with new deadline for vjkid contest sept.28!


extra lectures in Barczewo in sept. 12





 Children from the region will become VJs - project by "VISUAL ART SPACE" Foundation.


Vjing is illustrating the music with video images.


DJ makes music with short fragments of tunes
and VJ works with video materials.


In 2016 april The Visual Art Space foundation launched project,

during which 500 pupils aged 8 to
15 took part in free classes in this field in june and september.

Screenshot from 2016-08-07 11-48-51

The project included 50 hours of classes covering
new visual technologies currently used in culture

and art – classes, workshops, presentations
and artistic competitions.


Although VJing is a new art form associated with videos,

its origins date back to the beginnings
of our civilization, when people tried

to use images to illustrate a theatre play,

for instance.



The result of DJ's work comes out of the speakers,

while VJ creates images projected on large
screens, buildings, objects or special structures.



Before the performance, a VJ prepares source
materials and mixes them live to given music.

Short films are among most frequently used
sources, often lasting only a second -

VJ repeats the sequence many times and processes it
using relevant software in order to give it a new quality.

Screenshot from 2016-08-07 11-51-40

Vjing is a form of contemporary art

and in Olsztyn it is being popularized

by the "VISUAL ART SPACE" foundation.

This year, thanks to the funding

from the Provincial Government of Warmia
and Mazury, VJing is going to reach children in

Dobre Miasto, Jeziorany, Iława, Barczewo,
Pasym, Działdowo, Bisztynek.

Screenshot from 2016-08-07 11-44-58

The classes are going to be conducted by Polish experts:

Marcin Najdenow a.k.a. "VJ FkS",

Maciej Łojewski a.k.a. "Małpa",

Jarosław Bałabański a.k.a. "VJ DIABLOS".


Thanks to the support of sponsors,

the youth worked on original VJ software

" Modul8" and "Resolume", and we have
prepared great prizes for contestants,

including VJ software: Resolume Avenue,

CoGe, AvmixerPro, Avmixer Lite

and 50 vouchers to Planetarium.


The objective of the project

is to develop digital competence -

skills in processing images using software,

learn new media techniques

and create space for creative expression

using available technology.


New Visual Arts project is the first initiative

of this kind in our region.

"We want to help young people understand

the new digital world that surrounds them.

Presentation of new visual arts and achievements

of international artists, learning the basics of VJing

and getting acquainted with technical capabilities

will allow them to better navigate in the contemporary world". -
Summarizes Jarosław Balabanski,

CEO of the "VISUAL ART SPACE" Foundation.



"NEW VISUAL ARTS" is the first Project of the "VISUAL ART SPACE"

Foundation which received financial support.

The original Project assumed the implementation

of activities in Olsztyn and other cities

in the region and was previously submitted

to the President of Olsztyn as a part of the contest for NGOs,

but did not get support.
Therefore, the Project has been modified

towards activities in several other cities,

unfortunately Olsztyn was not among them, though.

Funding will come from the Office of the Marshal of Warmia and Mazury

under the contest for NGOs in the field of culture

and protection of cultural heritage.
Type of public service: Supporting the activities for cultural animation and education, e.g. in the form of workshops, courses, training and so-called "tradition schools", including, in particular, passing the traditions and intangible cultural assets to new generations.



As part of the Project, primary schools, secondary schools

and cultural centers in 7 cities of the Warmia and Mazury

provided kids with 50 hours of classes free of charge:

lessons, workshops and presentations for children aged 8 to 15,

concerning new visual technologies being used in culture and art:

VJing, video-mapping, live cinema and other visualization techniques,

as well as real time film editing.



The main goal is to introduce new technologies that develop culture.

To teach the basics of new art: VJing, to get familiar with

new techniques of expression of creativity.

To spread digital culture and promote artists and new technologies.

To provide a suitable space for creation.

To bring out and develop creativity.

To understand how the digital world operates.

To teach how to use the tools to expand creativity.

To present the new media techniques.


Helping the audience understand the new digital world,

presenting new visual arts, new technologies and trends,

teaching the basics free of charge and familiarizing

with the technical capabilities will allow young people

to move freely in the modern world.




Also, we have three experts in new visual arts for children and:





  • 1 license for VJing software “Resolume Avenue“, from “Resolume” (first prize in competition for children),



  • 50 vouchers to the Planetarium, from Olsztyn's Planetarium,


  • 24 DVDs with VJ loops from artists,

  • more than 100 stickers.



06-06-2016 time:12.00  Olsztyn PRESS CONFERENCE AT TOWER

08-06-2016  Dobre Miasto Szkoła Podstawowa no.2

09-06-2016 Pasym Szkoła Podstawowa in Pasym

10-06-2016  Pasym Szkoła Podstawowa in Pasym

12-06-2016 Jeziorany Culture Centre

13-06-2016 Bisztynek CULTURE CENTRE

14-06-2016 Pasym Szkoła Podstawowa in Pasym

15-06-2016 Działdowo Szkoła Podstawowa no.4

16-06-2016 Iława Zespół Placówek Szkolno-Wychowawczych

17-06-2016 Barczewo Zakład Poprawczy- Gimnazjum no. 2

10-09-2016 Jeziorany CULTURE CENTRE

12-09-2016  Zespol Szkol in Barczewo


Thank all of you for support us!



For more information visit: www.spacevjmeeting.net/vas
More information: Jarosław Bałabański- tel .: 791 530 167, e-mail: vas@spacevjmeeting.net







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